Autonomous Indoor Navigation with AR.Drone

AR Drone

In the above video, a modified Parrot AR.Drone is reprogrammed to perform autonomous behaviors. The drone pilots itself into a simulated hallway and stops when it detects the end of the hallway. The goal of the project is to achieve autonomous hallway navigation using low-cost IR sensors. To achieve autonomous flight, the AR.Drone was retrofitted with five IR rangefinders. The readings from the rangefinders were A-D converted by an Arduino Micro and sent via serial communications to the BusyBox Linux OS running on the AR.Drone’s ARM A8 processor. I integrated the two hardware systems and programmed the drone to navigate a hallway based on the sensor readings. To achieve this, I implemented a PD controller whose inputs were sensor readings and whose outputs were desired [roll, pitch’ yaw] settings for the drone. Unlike my other projects, this is academic work. As a result, I can’t share source code like I usually do, but I hope you enjoy the results nonetheless.