On Mastery and Fundamentals

I’ve never met a master who was not committed to fundamentals. Regardless of specialization or personal style, the very best achieve perfect execution of the basics of their craft. Therefore, in 2016 I decided that – regardless of where I am employed or what personal projects I am pursuing – I will not stop practicing the fundamental techniques in computer science. I created this GitHub repository where I write my solutions to every problem in the computer science interview bible, Cracking the Coding Interview, in Python and C++. Furthermore, I produce the solutions with the highest level of engineering rigor I can attain: they have > 90% unit test coverage and an automatic build and testing system that verifies every solution any time code is changed. Of all of my projects, this one has gained the most attention in the form of > 150 stars, > 50 forks, and a place in the first page GitHub search results for the title of the textbook. I provide the link above to help others who are pursuing mastery in this subject.

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